5 thoughts on “Stoll Poltergabel v 1.1 [MP]

    1. Can you not see what is different in the pictures above? When pinching it wraps around the trunks more, so you can pick up smaller branches. And I suspect you can pick up thicker trunks too.

      If you chop down thicker trees on the map by using chain saw you can not lift them with the standard forklift. You will have to buy a Buffalo which can lift thicker trunks.

      With this mod you do not need the buffalo. And one work faster using a fork lift then driving the Buffalo.

      1. I used this modded claw long time now. If you put it side by side with the standard it is hard to see any difference.

        But in practice, in field, the tiny changes makes a huge difference. You drive around and pick up tiny branches so easily.

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