Steyr 4115 Multi ecotronik v 2.0 Universal [MP]

Steyr 4115 Multi ecotronik

Steyr 4115 Multi ecotronik

Steyr 4115 Multi ecotronik


When it comes to FS 15, the der Steyr Multi is my favorite. Thats why i will try to keep it up to date with upcoming scripts and functions…

Because there is not much available yet i added some basic features (for standard- and forestrymodells):

New features:

beaconlight added (key Pos1), cockpitlight (key F), new additional camera for working with the frontloader (key C), new Display

Changed specifications:

Changed all specs to real values (i.e. now real weight, a bit less power, slightly increased fuel usage, etc.)

When on the road:

licenceplate and decals added


Changed the skin, it takes a bit longer for the tractor to get dirty, no blue windows anymore, changed the exhaust particle system



Original by Giants Software
licence plate by pfreek!
beaconlight attachment by Johni 6530!

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