Scania R730 forest and trailer v 1.2 [MP]

Scania R730 forest and trailer

Scania R730 forest and trailer

Scania R730 forest and trailer

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Present to you the famous truck Scania R730 forest
For the transport of logs
Included is a trailer
mounted manipulator
Logs can be unloaded by lifting the body by pressing LEFT ALT + 8
Align bearing LEFT ALT + 7

there is a camera on the crane

Attention !!!
Do not forget to switch in between the truck and trailer keys G

Attention !!!
Braked cornering with a load

The best truck in its class
If you need a reliable powerful and fast assistant on the farm
All this is embodied in the truck Scania730. The maximum speed of 90 km / h Maximum load 80 tons
This truck can be washed! Powered lighting devices


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4 thoughts on “Scania R730 forest and trailer v 1.2 [MP]

  1. The rear trailer is missing.
    The sound is constant and annoying.
    It cannot even pull up 118 litres of wheat up the most obvious hill.
    The strongest in-game tractor of 620hp can easily pull it up this hill and this truck cannot. I doubt it’s 730hp.
    Oh and the speed limit is not 90km/h. It’s much lower.

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