Scania R730 bruks v 1.1.1 [MP]

Scania R730 bruks

Scania R730 bruks

Scania R730 bruks

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Greetings to all fans and lovers of the game
Introducing the new mod
It is a known Scania truck shredder
This mod contains three fashion
Truck and trailer box
You will need to buy all three techniques
Capacity 24500 and 44500 kg
Requires version or higher games

to establish a body you need to press the button N and M
falls gripper body and then raise the body the same buttons
it is very easy



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4 thoughts on “Scania R730 bruks v 1.1.1 [MP]

  1. hi dinamix,

    I love your mods so far, i use a lot of them, keep up the good work 🙂
    on this mod though, i cant seam to be able to add an empty box onto the truck itself, can it be done?
    MAybe include the box on the truck right away? mine always comes empty and i have no luck trying to attach it using N or M. could you make the truck come right away weith a box on that empty frame? or make sure we have a way to attach it to the truck 🙂

    thx again

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