New Holland T5 90.105 v 0.8 BETA [MP]

New Holland T5 90.105

New Holland T5 90.105

New Holland T5 90.105

New Holland T5 bundle (BETA v0.8)

3 store versions: T5.90, T5.105 and T5.115. All versions have optional parts such as front loader attacher, fenders, and front linkage.

By mixing and editing parts from the T4.75, T6.160 and Steyr Multi 4115 I have created a patchwerk resembling the New Holland T5. If you notice any errors; feel free to point them out in the comment section.

Together, with a little bit of re-shaping they come together fairly well as a New Holland T5.


Tilting front axle
Cabin suspension
Toggle parts (fenders, front weight holder, front loader block, and front PTO)
Moving parts (throttle and brake pedals)
(Standard FS15 features: mirrors, lights, interior instruments, and washable)

0.8 changes:

Decals fixed
Intrument panel backlight
New moving parts added
Store descriptions and images added
A ton of minor visual adjustments, to name a few: dirt textures on fuel tank fixed, should now get as much dirt as the rest of the tractor, light coronas repositioned, minor shape adjustments to engine hood, cabin and rear fenders slightly lowered, and more.)


GIANTS (models and textures)
JoXXer, fruktor (CabSuspension script)
Saty (UniversalToggleParts script)
Spartan086 (model/texture customization, i3d assembly, xml)

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