John Deere 8530 v 4.0

John Deere 8530

John Deere 8530

John Deere 8530

Speed 52 km / h. Lighting fixtures. Interactive control (IC) (left door is opened, the rear window is made up front linkage). Electronic speedometer and tachometer, switchable mirrors, dogruzhateli rear wheels, dual wheels, plugmod dust from under the wheels, leaves traces.


MF390, Sotillo, mati7766, VMV Modding, roller90, OfTheSun

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2 thoughts on “John Deere 8530 v 4.0

  1. Nice looking Tractor, this one is probably the best looking JD I have downloaded so far, but I have a couple questions, Why is when your in the outside camera it looks weird?? has like a magnified look?? If possible?? make it look like the stock tractors please, at least an option to change it. Also when I park the tractors…it moves/slides? They never stay where you park them. One last thing is the sound….very annoying after a while, a stock sound would be much more appealing and a more pleasure to drive. Fix those issues and you would have one of the best tractors here…Thank you for giving us a great looking John Deere

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