Wildcreek Valley v 3.0 [MP]

Wildcreek Valley

Wildcreek Valley

Wildcreek Valley

Wildcreek Valley

Wildcreek Valley

Welcome back in the Wildcreek Valley!!

You get your hands on a smal farm in the middle of the Schwarzwald (blackwood) in south germany. With his 30acres of farming ground and roundabout 20 acres of meadows and greenland is this farm perfect for playing in singleplayer or with one or two friends in multiplayer with smal equipment. The growth times are KandS typical changed to our “24 hours ingame are one year in growthtimes” cycle. So you have enough time to make some forestwork, give our animals something to eat, bring the haybales to the farm or play just a little bit slower. A sceenshot of the groth times is attached here and in our facebook site to watch and to download.

Beside the whole transformation to the fs15 optics and functionallity, with complete forest and 5 areas with big trees, we have also build in some extensions. In front of curse the AnimationMapTrigger. Then the manure/lime mod and the watermod for the animals and next the chopped straw mod. We have also build in the original missions with the jobboards. Cows, chicken and sheeps waiting for feeding and the motel in the angerer valley waits for potatoes and someone, who files the powerplant with wood ships. The fields are all buyable, the smal bga on the farm runs with the bga extension too and finaly, we build in clover as a between fruit to fertilize some fields in front of maize or potatoe seeding with a growth time of 6 hours.

You find some screenshots in the screenshot section with explain most of the triggers and functions of the map. And if somethings not clear, wirte us a comment or ask us on our facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/KUndSModding

Short overview of the implemented mods

– AnimationMapTrigger
– Manure / Lime Mod
– Watermod
– Chopped Straw Mod
– Fruit Clover as between fruit

Required and recommended Mods:

Vertex Dezign Animation Map Trigger

Manure Lime mod:

manure and lime Mod




chopped straw Mod

Greennfertilizer Mod:

Green fertilizer mod for the clover

some more recommended Mods from us:

BGA Extension:

extended BGA

fits to:

silo extension

Bale Extension:

realistic Bales

Animal husbandry:

animal husbandry units


Stop Milselling

and fitting to:

placeable Milkselltrigger


Deutz1997 : Die Ur-Wildbachtal
Fatian (Feldwege;Straßen)
Dennis Busch (Waldschilder)
Modelleicher,Maxter (Hofobjekte)
Desperados93 (Mapobjekte)
FendtFarmer/Desperados93 (Brücke,Texturen usw.)
pAre (Hütte am See)
Unbekannt (Großen Stromleitungen)
IMarvin (Schlagbaum)
Mr F. (Foliagebäume,Plantagenbaum)
Giants (Standartobjekte)
MR-Klausen / thejohnderre7930 (Unterstand)
ka88 (Billinger Landhandel, neue Textuierung von El Cid: Danke an dich! 🙂 Nur Texturänderung von Stormbringer)
Buschi (Getreidelagerset, Kiefer, Sturmkiefer)
Tessmann85, ls-mod-tempel (neue Ground-Textur)
TyphoOn (Mini-BioGas Anlage)
Marhu (Wassermod / Futtermod)
MrFox, TheAgraama (Lampen)
TMT marhu, -Kolbenfresser-, Hatzfan (Guelle und Mist Mod)
Eifok-Team (Guelletrigger für Ihr Zunhammer Fass)
Feros (Jaegerzaun)
Farmer 14 (Zaun)
Nick98_1 (Teile des Schilderwald)
lsfamer2011 (Feld / Waldweg)
Tobsel88 (Basistexturen Foliagetrees)
L4Icce und Thorne (Gebäude des Alpenhofes)
borutcebulj (Bruecke)
Steffen30muc (Halle im AngererTal, Duenger und Kalkhalle)
Ceen und 4ndi (neue Texturen des Straßensets)
FendtFan1 (Waldbodentextur)
LwFarming (Maistextur)
Swat und LS-Landtechnik (Neue Fluss und Teichtexturen und das Gästehaus)
LS-UK (Ringfeeder and the AMAZING soilmod)
bm Modding (Bodentexturen)
Baue3rR (zweispuriges Freilandsilo im Tal)
tdiman (Kran am Sägewerk)
TTM (Unterstand)

-> Und ich, der Stormi natürlich 🙂

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  1. GO TO MAPS SCROLL DOWN THE PAGES UNTIL YOU SEE THE MAP Niederbayern and scroll down to required mods and theres a link that says AnimationMapTrigger click the link download and install and it will makethedoors open

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