Wheel loader shovel v 1.5.0 [MP]




Hi, engage the original loader bucket to distinguish loaders, new logo Liebherr inserted around the blades better now fürn.

Be loaded with 8000l (the charger copes well with it) wheat, barley, canola, corn, green wheat, oats, rye, spelled, triticale, sunflower, soybean, millet, hemp, poppy seeds, rice, potato, sugar beet, wood chips, energy willow, pellets , grass, hay, clover, alfalfa, chopped, silage, compound feed, manure, seed, fertilizer, lime, sand and all kinds of the straw.

Displays the tarp from the wheat in some nachgetragenen fruits. (Awaiting publication of the scripts)

Actually, as the originals, with many fruits more.


Of course, Washable

Shop: 4200 €

€ / day: 0 €

accident-free blades wishes GülleMax

PS: In the log harmless warnings of non-installed fruit flavors on the map, not a game influence appear!


Giants/ GülleMax

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