Wheel loader shovel v 1.4 [MP]

Wheel loader shovel

Wheel loader shovel

Wheel loader shovel

Hi, engage the original loader bucket to loaders, logo inserted by Liebherr better distinguish between the blades now fürn.

Be loaded with 5000l (the charger copes well with it) wheat, barley, canola, corn, grass, hay, silage, chopped, mixed feed, manure, Hackschnitzl, potatoes, beets, Fertilizer, lime and seed.

Now the V1.3 with clover, alfalfa and sunflower.

Unfortunately, it shows the Plane of wheat at the grudge fruits. Am I missing Unfortunately the vista for the new Plan.


Actually, as the originals, with a few more fruits.

Of course, Washable


Giants/ GülleMax

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