Weidemann Multi Shovel v 1.3 [MP]

Weidemann Multi Shovel

Weidemann Multi Shovel

Weidemann Multi Shovel

Now I have the orginal telescopic loader bucket fürn Weidemann Hoftrac built for you, (user request for Weidemann) Logo Weidemann inserted around the blades easier to distinguish.

Be loaded with 5000l (no weight required) wheat, barley, canola, corn, grass, hay, silage, chopped, mixed feed, manure, Hackschnitzl, potatoes, beets, Fertilizer, lime and seed.

V1.3 with clover, alfalfa and sunflower.

Unfortunately, they partially showing the Plane of wheat at the grudge fruits. We have to wait a bit to represent the tarp right, but I’ll stay tuned.

Actually, as the originals, with a few more fruits.


Of course, Washable

Shop: 3200 €

€ / day: 0 €



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