Vieh trailer v 1.0

Vieh trailer

Vieh trailer

Vieh trailer

Hello I bring you the trailer for transporting pig, with a capacity of 80 pigs. Author Actulizado Freakyman in LS13 and LS15 for Anpaes for is the trailer Viehtrailer.



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9 thoughts on “Vieh trailer v 1.0

  1. Vieh = cattle, but this trailer will also haul pigs. I don’t recall FS15 having a cattle mod yet, but there is the pig mod. This is very poor port of the FS2013 mod of the same name. Download it if you like, but it’s a very broken mod that might sort of work with FS15…. Very poor job porting it to FS15, crap like this needs to be deleted.

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