Vaderstad Rapid A900SF v 1.1 [MP]

Vaderstad Rapid A900SF v

Vaderstad Rapid A900SF v

Vaderstad Rapid A900SF v

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Today I present to you my Väderstad Rapid A900SF which arose from the normal LS15 Rapid A600S.

Väderstad Rapid A900SF

Väderstad Rapid A900SF is not a REAL machine,

the real machine is available only to the Rapid A800S in this design.

The differences to the original A600SF are:

9m working width

Fertilizing function in the seed

the designation F stands for Fertilizer -> Fertilizer

Wing packer or support wheels on the folding panels left and right front

Type designation A900SF in the rear of the machine on the seed tank

Forward speed to 30km / h was the real live is also made ??possible by the good Fenix ??metering actually even faster speeds possible with perfect quality seeding, but 30kmh are quite sufficient.

Since I was a little in the Christmas stress and this afternoon the Rapid’ve seen from Kyosho had the same idea as me and his machine has uploaded here, and my machine was done really well for a couple of days of Christmas reasons did not have time upload them to the end to try and here I am doing it now.


Giants, KHD-Agrostar

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