Tree lifter v 1.0 beta [MP]

Tree lifter

Tree lifter

Tree lifter

With this (Eigendlicher log lifter) can now embrace the birch or before they go away saws off and generally by the loader. This is the standard tree lifter I have only the ankuplungspunkt rotated.

It should not look for it be for your benefit and instantaneous.

Attention at the first time when hitching it may be that you just flying around in the air.

The best way works for me with the birch trees.

Now Have fun with this mod



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6 thoughts on “Tree lifter v 1.0 beta [MP]

  1. Can you carry an entire tree and sell it at the lumberyard? Seems the easiest way to rid the farmyard of some unwanted trees without having to struggle with all the branches.

  2. we need a bigger wheel loader, I try this mod I hope you can rotate it 90 degree and then release the grip on the tree cause then you might be able to load it onto some big long and wide trailer.

    I don’t care if we don’t get paid so much when not defoliaging tree cause time is also money and if all you want is to get rid of the damn tree it is better to stop messing with the branches.

    Only I doubt the Liebherr will be able to lift the biggest grown up trees. Need a weight back there. I use the Uploader mod and if I get a good grip on 6 – 7 pieces of the trunk of a tree the Liebherr start to tip over.

    Some trees like the poplars can be massive, I doubt we can lift them with current wheeloader we need a wheelloader mod.

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