Trailer MAC v 1.0

Trailer MAC

Trailer MAC

Trailer MAC

Hello I bring the American trailer MAC Original LS13 of pickaxe9 and actulizado by Anpaes to vercion the LS15. Can be transported in Wheat, Barley, Rape, Maize, Chaff, Potato, Sugarbeety a capacity of 100.000 liters.



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5 thoughts on “Trailer MAC v 1.0

  1. can you make a grain trailer mob that is a hopper trailer instead of live bottoms of tippers. I feel that hopper trailer will make the game more life like for corn farmers.

  2. Nice mod.
    For the guys wanting hopper bottoms I think there was a nice set of Doepker super B trains for one of the older FS games. That would be sweet to get converted!

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