VALMET 359D V2.0

VALMET 359D V2.0

Finally the second version of this Valmet. Fist of all, I sincerely apologize for taking so long to upload it.

Changelog V2:
-Added dual wheels
-Added dirt skin
-Added better light coronas
-Exhaust flap now works correctly
-Rear wheels don’t lift anymore when turning
-Some texture tweaks
-Fixed wrong fuel tank capacity
-Increased maximum speed to 30 km/h

Valmet 359D from the year 1959. It has a three-cylinder Valmet 309D engine with approximately 37,5 horse power. It is the second diesel-powered tractor from Finnish manufacturer Valmet.

In game it has the basic features of tractor. It has also openable toolbox and a blind in front of the radiator which you can lift/lower. The rear linkage is fully animated and it has real sounds recorded from actual Valmet 359D. I also added dual wheels, which can be assembled by standing next to rear wheel and pressing “R”. (Note: you have to do this on both sides, if you want both duals assembled.)

Some specs:
Price: 4000 € / £ / $
Daily upkeep: 5 € / £ / $
Power: 37,5
Fuel tank: 40 liters
Speed: 30 km/h


Modell: Farmari99
Textures: Farmari99
In-Game: Farmari99
Scripts: GIANTS, Manuel Leithner and fruktor

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