URSUS 1224 V1.0

URSUS 1224 V1.0

– Movable Axis
– Animation Levers FR
– Animation Of The Brake Pedal
– Animation Clutch Pedal
– Animation Accelerator
– Animation Flip Silencer
– Animation Steering
– Animation Door And Rear Window
– Animation Of The Hydraulic System
– Animation Wipers
– Moving The Front Drive Shaft
– Realistic Exhaust
– Front Halogen Button
– Rear Halogen Button
– Passenger
– Front Fenders On Approach
– Rear Twin Wheels ON Approach
– Tur On Approach
– Traces Of Wheels
– Dust From Under The Wheels
– Indicator Lights On The Dashboard


Author: Marcello1942
Programming FS15: CatFan18
Script Animation Pedals: Pawlo101229

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