In the edition, I improved the front bracket because it did not have a hitch, only an empty hole, in addition, I changed a little texture on the hood in the cabin – because the light was reflecting too much, I changed the steering wheel to a newer one, fixed some details and gave a new sound of slow spins as well as a new (improved) version the classic sound of hooking up from Ursus, now the mod should be refined. Before someone submits this mod again, let them think about

The mod has:
– A turn and forks on the approach
– Halogens, rear window and key beam
– Animated steering
– 0 errors in textures
– 0 errors in the log
– 0 errors in txt
– Movable front axle
– Real exhaust fumes
– Mod passenger
– New Sounds
– Orcs mod
– Hand mod
– Rain animation
– Working controls
– Working lights (front and rear)
– Movable clutch, gear lever and clocks
– Dynamic indoor camera
– Darker exhaust fumes at higher revs
– RPM and smoke increase with all field work


Author: Perkins, Zer0 user12
Convert (ls13): roller90
Konwert (ls15): user12
Edit: CEO Ziaroo, GM, qkohe155 Ziomek MasteRN019 Farmer 7245 Peper654 Lublin Farm Simulator

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