IHC 1055A V1.1

IHC 1055A V1.1

Model 1055 A With Fritz Meier cockpit cabin
Engine: 6-Cyl. Turbodiesel engine capacity 5867ccm
Power: 100 HP
Vmax: 30 KM / H
Price: € 19,560
Maintenance: € 76 Per Day

Model 1055 A with Fritz Meier Cockpit And Cabin Aigner Fronthydraulik
Engine: 6-Cyl. Turbodiesel Engine Capacity 5867CCM
Power: 100 hp
Vmax: 30 KM / H
Price: € 21,730
Maintenance: 79 € Per Day


3D Model: Kreters-Island, Texturen: Kreters-Island, Sound: LudmillaPower

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