Towing chain v 4.0 Beta [MP]

Towing chain

Towing chain

Here for you a Fundmod, the flexible tow chain!

The chain makes with its individual members a realistic impression. But even more intended for multiplayer or perhaps Course Play, which was not tested)

The chain is ideal for a machine that needs to be repaired or stuck tow. Even with a heavy soils or under poor conditions can you work for example in group bandage and plow. The chain is more dynamic than the tow bar, but still lacks the fine tuning and a better way to transport them.

The mod’s from LS13 well, we have the chain converts the script slightly adjusted and the weight. If someone even better place settings, please notify us.


Funmod and beta
The red end’ll have to hitch the front of the tractor key Q
Then you can pull up slightly and secure with key X chain for transporting the tractor
Then press the button X again of use to solve, and go back a bit
Tug park to the rear of the chain
Then again sat in the other tractor and press key X
Thus, both tugs are connected

Known issues v4 Beta:

If not releases the brake in MP, has the drawn a short gas, then unlocks the brake
Handling is a bit of getting used to
This is what you have …



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8 thoughts on “Towing chain v 4.0 Beta [MP]

  1. I like this mod but you have to make one where you can hook up both ends of the tractors to have a tug a war if you know what I mean

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