The Alps 15 v 1.026 [MP]

The Alps 15

The Alps 15

The Alps 15

The Alps 15

The Alps 15

The Alps 15


Wellcome to all-new The Alps map for Farming Simulator 15! Challenge yourself under extreme conditions and proof did-you-can deal with cruel Alpine world. HOWEVER, Alps are not just raw and ruthless. Mountains offers you nicest views you can find and are full of green valleys and white-peak mountains. Grass, cereals, forest and breeding animals are your opportunity to make a fortune and become major Alpine farmer and landowner.

The Alps 15 is remake of LS13’s version of The Alps map.


ZIP size: 355 MB

i3D size: 12 MB

Shapes size: 21 MB

PDA map included

Error-free mod

Middle to high performance PC required


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57 thoughts on “The Alps 15 v 1.026 [MP]

  1. The Alps 15 v 1.026 [MP]
    ja ich weiß nicht einfach nur scheiße sorry es gibt in LS15 noch keine Map die eigentlich richtig gut ist! Also doch alles scheiße OK!

  2. This map is really absolutely awesome! The fields are very distant from the farm, but there is a lot of grassy areas that can be turned to field using Plows. Good work, thanks!

    1. La maps fait partie des map de bois il y a (3 OU 4 forêt ) est une cirie.

      elle est aussi disponible sur fs 13.
      j espère quel seras disponible sur fs 17

  3. you cant sell your fruits and other stuff and it is just a big mess with the fields, also some tractors or truck mods can get to the farm because the roads are to high and small

  4. The white roads are to small for a tractor trailer. The switchbacks leading to the forest area is to sharp. all of this was commented on in the fs13 version as well the map concept is great but it needs some small things to make it more fun.

  5. El mapa en sí está muy logrado, al igual que en FS 13. Sin embargo, he de decir que para mi gusto tiene falta de elementos como: una granja más accesible sin tener que ir por carreteras endemoniadas y más cerca de la “civilización”, la fábrica de madera un poco más grande estaría mejor, un vivero donde poder comprar plantones no estaría mal, hay fallos en texturas sobre todo en la carretera principal, bueno, principal y única.. esa es otra cosa que me gustaría, que hubiera algo más de carreteras generales, también echo en falta unos buenos silos,… habrá algo mas..pero bueno, en general bien.

  6. 2/5 stars, The freight yard dosnt work so I can’t sell any of my crops there isn’t enough harvestable trees and on my map none of the field numbers show up and the green arrow dosnt show up half of the time, please fix it, if it gets fixed then it will deserve 5 stars

  7. I use this map a lot mainly just to cut the trees down and take to the mill maybe corn here and the grass fields are hard to get due to the high grades the roads are hard to drive on. little things are fine I like the map a lot. Also could use a bigger yard to store stuff at the farm.

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