Test Map v 1.2 [MP]

Test Map

Test Map

Test Map

Test Map

Test Map

I have a new map, for the testing of vehicles and machinery for you. I have the test track in the Map Mods Wandet installed. In addition, I have the landscape a bit gestalltet. I have the objects used by the Björnsholm but I think that does not matter. The bearings are a bit stuffed so you can see the trailer ect. fill and test.

Now to the buildings:


The BGA silos are empty as a filling früchtarten different possible. The manure storage is vol (100%) here you can pick up for dan manure manure barrels.

Cereal fruit bearing

The camp, are, as mentioned above at 16,000 liters, but in the next update, be extended. Here on the map there is this Früchtartren:

Grain maize
Sugar beets

(The normal standard crops)


On the Map of the Main Shop is installed. It also a shop for the seedlings, which can be purchased at the grain silos.


as in any good Test Map is also a fort built to test vehicles or forestry Farm Machinery.


In the Map Fields with 6 different fruit and mature species like Gehächselter corn, Gedreschter wheat, wheat are installed, grew up ….


Slurry and manure was cheated at the farm, (level 100%) the sheep and cows are together, and chickens on the farm, the silo on the farm is also empty, but is filled with the next update.

Other highlights:

On the map in my opinion are installed after a few highlights, as well as a large sign with the fields, here you can be daforstellen tractor and get an idea for Modvorstellung or a shop image.


Mods Wanted–>Teststrecke
1984Fendt936–> Futterlager

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