Terex telehandler v 1.0 [MP]

Terex telehandler

Terex telehandler

Terex telehandler

This is a re-skin of the Liebbher default telehandler

At the moment there aren’t any other modifications, but we don’t close the door to new fixes for the future version. So we ask you to let us know what kind of improvements we could do to get it better.

The Zip file contains:

-Terex Teleheader
-Terex ManureFork

Category: Telehandler
Max Speed: 42 km/h
Power (HP): 122 HP/cv
Price: 85 000 €
Service costs: 90 €/day


Version: 1.0
File weight: 27.1 mb
Multiplayer: Supported


Model & ingame: Giants
Reskin: Davide JohnDerista

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