Tera Strautmann Vitesse 5201 v 1.0 [MP]

Tera Strautmann Vitesse 5201

Tera Strautmann Vitesse 5201


This is to the original Wagon from LS 15. I have only increased the yield, because it bugged me a little that you had to mow lawns tens to get something cut grass for silage clamp at the cowshed.

Okay, the “Non-Mod” is nothing special, but for all who do not want and / or time for modding, he is perhaps something useful.

Contrary to my first “non-Mod”, I have made to the image of a tiny change, so that you can see in-game doubts that it is the modified loading wagons.

Besides the increase of the yield all functions have been preserved as in the original.

The log is error free – in SP and MP.


GIANTS, Pandahma

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