Tail chopper v 0.9 [MP]

Tail chopper

Tail chopper

Tail chopper

Here my tail chopper which you can attach to a strong tractor. Since it is somewhat difficult, you need a weight.

The shredder can enjoy the trees right on the floor in the trailer chopping.

make a lot of fun chips.



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5 thoughts on “Tail chopper v 0.9 [MP]

  1. It doesn’t work…ERROR MESAGE…..When I want to active the Tail chopper v 0.9 [MP] by key B…An orange sentance apear and flashes on the screen:”You must first unfold the equipment by key X”….
    You have copy/past the panel command of the Original inclued in FS 2015 and of the Jenz Hem BACK v 2.0 [MP]and also of the Jenz Hem BACK v 1.0[MP]…But your equipment is more simple and don’t need to be unfold !!!!

  2. You have no put a video demo here, and your Tail chopper v 0.9 [MP]”do not really work on your pictures…because we don’t see wood chips against rapper wheel and no wood chips outputing of the nozzle above the trailer :))

  3. Il fonctionne à vide isolé sur parking….. Il ne fonctionne pas quand un vhéhicule est à coté ou si on y met du bois…Car quand on appui sur touche “v’ puis “b” pour mise en marche -Alors- Un message orange apparaît sur l’écran indiquant: “Vous devez d’abord déployer l’équipement par la touche X!” Hors il n’y a pas de verrins actionnés par la touche “x” sur cette machine car elle se baisse le sol ?!

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