Stiffi Map v 1.0

Stiffi Map

Stiffi Map

Stiffi Map

Stiffi Map

Stiffi Map

Stiffi Map

Hello people so now it is so far the Stiffi v1 is there.

Since it bugged me that the cow and sheep pastures are also in LS15 far away from the farm, I have time off law.

The yard is bigger and has new vehicles.

I have corrected all the errors on the card (it should be no more errors since now) the log is error free.

I will always continue to expand Stiffi Map!

Check it out

Regards Andy SG-1

Bigg Stoll Shovel


Andy SG-1

Bigg Stoll Shovel:

Model – Giants

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10 thoughts on “Stiffi Map v 1.0

    1. You need to unpack the mod first. The mod has a map and a shovel so unpack it and move it to your mod folder and it will work fine. My map took a long time to load but works.

  1. Bravo ! First map easier to play because the farm is large and workplaces are concentrated.. access to the livestock animals… indications of storage facilities , et c .. Many agricultural equipments and good financial situation for beginning. The result is excellent and higher than the two original maps of FS 2015.

  2. Love the map, but I have an issue… all the help icons are in the wrong areas… anyone else having that issue? No big deal really, just bothers me a little.

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