Setting frame v 1.0 [MP]

Setting frame

Setting frame


Here I have a setting frame. The frame itself has no functions. It is intended only as a basic framework for bodies of all types.

Absetzanimation is included. In the xml only the indexes need to be adjusted.

Usually you can set each device on the frame.

Width 2.3m Length: 3.74 m

This setting frame can be installed without prompting in mods, under the following conditions:

The shape, size and texture of the frame, Hauptkollis and the support must not be changed.

For the following reasons:

Consistency is ensured
Dimensions are adapted to the MAN and the dolly,
Interchangeability is ensured
Recognition is given
a basic quality standard is maintained
there is achieved a standardization
The support is adjusted accordingly and it would cause problems with the other Kollis on changes and the frame was unusable

Urmoder specify in the credits.

Familiarity with the GE is required.

I share the frame, because I want to give others the opportunity to build a variety of appropriate models and devices. I have not the time for that alone. What is good and what is not will then show the number of downloads.

Who believes he has a flower pot draufbauen should do it. You do not have to download any crap, yes.

Who the frame should not like to build their own and to see how much work goes into it.

Have fun


Rahmen: Grundmodell und Textur von Gnescher

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