Scania R730 forest and trailer v 1.0 [MP]

Scania R730 forest and trailer

Scania R730 forest and trailer

Scania R730 forest and trailer

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Present to you the famous truck Scania R730 forest
For the transport of logs
Included is a trailer
mounted manipulator
Logs can be unloaded by lifting the body by pressing LEFT ALT + 8
Align bearing LEFT ALT + 7

there is a camera on the crane

Attention !!!
Do not forget to switch in between the truck and trailer keys G

Attention !!!
Braked cornering with a load

The best truck in its class
If you need a reliable powerful and fast assistant on the farm
All this is embodied in the truck Scania730. The maximum speed of 90 km / h Maximum load 80 tons
This truck can be washed! Powered lighting devices


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6 thoughts on “Scania R730 forest and trailer v 1.0 [MP]

  1. the truck is really good made, but it needs some work to do, the crane moves way to fast, the truck is quite shaky, ALT controls should be on single keybuttons, like B and X because then it could be controlled with a joystick aswell,though i miss a sitting guy on the crane, but the rest is really well made, great job! i hope you can fix those in V2.0 best of luck. thank you.

  2. It’s a bit buggy back of the truck, the crane gos in to the truck if you want to lay down the crane.

    I hope some of this buggs will be fixed iv 2.0
    (Sorry for the spelling)

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