ROS fruit and berries extension v 0.9 [SP]

ROS fruit and berries extension

ROS fruit and berries extension

From 2013 known as Apfelmod extension

Fruits and berries extension

Needed for transport:

ros krone emsland multi deko version

The file must only as a zip in the mod folder.
Everything placed freely !!

1. Cherry
Carries up to 350 liters of cherries.

2. Plum Tree
Carries up to 400 liters of plums.

3. Orange Tree
Carries up to 450 liters of oranges.

4. strawberries greenhouse
Bring up to 110 liters of strawberries per hour. Go to the crates to harvest. Harvest can be increased with manure and water fountains.

5. Pay cider “The juice Heini”
When your root juice Heini-wage Mosterei the fruit comes in the bottle, he takes apple, plums, cherries, strawberries, pears, oranges and carrots (up to per 20000L)
Loading dock to see if it is too uneven.

6. Stall 1
For cherries, plums and apples.

7. stall 2
For strawberries, oranges and pears.

8. Well Water Pump
As even drilled is not filled immediately and is empty when using running again full of 2000l per hour. And summarizes max. 35000l.

Thanks to mor2000 without the UPK-Mod this is not possible.


Rosenthaler, mor2000, Giants

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3 thoughts on “ROS fruit and berries extension v 0.9 [SP]

  1. This mod suddenly locked my game as soon as i rezzed all about this mod (trees and buildings).
    first i was thinking to a bug, so i restarted my game once, but I had this problem three times. (i tested them without any other mod on my game folder)
    i hope this post will help you to resolve this bug…
    impatient to have the next one version to try it.

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