Rhineland Palatinate v 1.0 [SP]

Rhineland Palatinate

Rhineland Palatinate

Rhineland Palatinate

Rhineland Palatinate

Rhineland Palatinate

Rhineland Palatinate

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Hello and welcome to the Rheinalnd Palatinate Map

The map is fictitious and built to suit your mood.

In V1.0 you can do the following to work

Sheep grazing on our garden trade we be feasible installed the removal of wool at several pallets with Ps Strong devices.

The cow pasture can supply you with grass and sprinkle with straw in the bottom cowshed, the new barn on the mountain is still under construction.

Furthermore, can you collect eggs in the chicken and sell the grain trade again.

You have in V1.0 also all the fields but it surely will change in the next version :).

In addition, all standard fruits are installed.

You have a lot of great forests waiting to cutting down on you.

A timber sale will only come in the next version.

It is a BGA installed and a feed store.

If you have too much manure left you can temporarily store these in the manure storage.

There is much to discover on the map.

What is planned for the next version

Traffic is to be installed

Fußgängerspline will also be added

Lumberyard and sawmill will also get a new spot on the map

Cattle fattening will come to

Small details are adjusted

There is also a lake on the menu


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3 thoughts on “Rhineland Palatinate v 1.0 [SP]

  1. sette map alere trop bien mes le selle soucis il y a trop d arbres si le createur vois se mesage sorter une nouvelle version et enlever des arbres et agrandiser un peux les champs et sa serra s la meilleur maps

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