Region of Texas v 1.0 [MP]

Region of Texas

Region of Texas

Region of Texas

Region of Texas

Region of Texas

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New version of the map region of Texas, this new version of the game, the field of 13 was reached, the transformation of the country into the situation be left to maintain its current structure and uneven terrain.

All locations are reechos again and some moved from place.

– The court holds its usual place, in a remodeling, devido disposal of pig farms pending when they available, with new buildings.

The point of purchase of fields behind the house is maintained.

– The hens were placed on one side of the main house.

– Cows and sheep kept, have their place in the 13th edition added to the storage of grass, hay, silage and compound feed silos.

– The selling point for wool and eggs are located on the premises.

– The grantee retains his place.

– The mill is surrounded by lots of trees.

– The BGA Matiena its previous position.

– And the rest of the outlets are unified in one place.



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44 thoughts on “Region of Texas v 1.0 [MP]

  1. hola soy gran seguidor de farming simulator y me gustaria proponer algo de terreno embarrado y si hubiese la posibilidad de hacer un mapa como el extrenort k se pudieden cortar olivos y sacar serrin espero respuesta un cordial saludo

  2. hello am big fan of agriculture simulator and I would like to propose something of muddy terrain and if I had the Possibility of Making of the United Nations extrenort map k is pudieden Cut olives and Remove Serrin I hope Reply Regards

    1. U should simply just put the mod-file, the .zip file in the mod-folder 🙂
      Just as a regular mod, and if it works it should appear when u try to start a new game 🙂

    2. save it to your desktop, open your documents, click on my games, go to farm simulator 2015 click on it and then open the mods and drag it from your desktop into that folder

  3. Qq’un pourrait m’expliquer pourquoi je n’arrive pas a mettre de la paille dans la stabulation et donc pourquoi je n’ai pas de fumier ?


      1. Look in the description:
        “The point of purchase of fields behind the house is maintained.”

        You can buy fields along the wall behind the house.

  4. Great Map, please update as items become available.
    Glitches, Hay trigger to high, grass mound doesn’t get bigger when grass is placed, potato,beet,chip triggers need to move out a little, there is no rail station to sell at.

  5. Freight yard missing, too much space devoted to storage sheds on main farm. Could have really benefited from a silo set up similair to the Idaho map for ’13. No water mod included, again a missed oppurtunity. Sell points on SW corner of map are too crowded together. Timber sell point included but no marked on map in NW corner. Fileds are huge so some bigger starting equipment would be nice. Should have used house and buildings from Westbridge map to represent Texas, at least they wouldn’t look as out of place as the Scandinavian style buildings from Bjornholm.

  6. Just tried this map. Went to buy at store. Upon exiting store I got trapped inside store with no way out. Tried the TAB key to move to another vehicle but had to quit game and start over. Happens every time I go to buy something.

  7. Love the map but could only add straw to the cows once they ran out of straw and was unable to renew add it to them once I was unable to re add it I stopped farming the map even though I had bailed over 600 bales of straw square and round bales was hoping it would of been a good map to farm on found out it wasn’t fix it and I will use it again

  8. Just checked to see if any replies to my post about this map I can see nothing has been done or fixed on this map it’s a shame the maker has no interest in repairing or responding to the issues of this map

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