Quivogne HV 630 v 1.0 [SP]

Quivogne HV 630

Quivogne HV 630

Quivogne HV 630

Original link [Uploaded.net]

After plowing, you can use the Quivogne HV 630 mod in order to smooth the ground. When you are working, you must drive at 12 km/h at most. After working hard with this implement, it will be dirt so you must wash it. The work width of this implement is 6.30 m. Quivogne HV 630 is a heavy implement, so probably you will have to put front weight in the tractor in order to optimize the work, the fuel consumption and the adherence to de ground (1000 kg recommended). Quivogne brand is made in France.

Summary of functions and technical data:


*Moveable legs (when you detach the implement, they down and when you attach the implement they up).

*Foldable: you must fold it before driving on the road.

*Recommended front weight: 1000 kg.

*Recommended work speed: 12 km/h.

*Work width: 6.30m.

*Multiplayer supported: is not tested on multiplayer.



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