Ponsse csal 6WD v 2.0 [MP]

Ponsse csal 6WD

Ponsse csal 6WD

Ponsse csal 6WD

NEW! Ponsse CSAL- Prototype

Price: € 238,000

Daily rent: $ 265.00 LS

Power: 520 hp

Speed: 21 km / h

Drive: AWD 6-wheel with rubber track

Stem length: 1 meter to 11 meters in 1 meter increments


Concept study:

Under the name Ponsse csal, this stands for “CUT SAW AND LOAD” was in 2015

on the HolzandBye in Hamstedt by the Chief Engineer Ponsessi93 the concept model

presented. It combines the possibility offered in combination with semi-trailer div. Hacker Manufacturer

establish in one operation trees such as birch and spruce trees directly in one step

supplying a chopper for the treatment of wood chips.

The advantage is clear. High value strains can still be full-harvested wood crown can

be chopped directly. Ideal for highway and road maintenance. The device is due to the

Exceeding the perm. Overall length with trailer is not registered as a SELF-CURRENT WORK UNIT.

The top speed is limited to 21 km / h!

Prototype of functions:

Saddle plate for trailer e.g. CRUSHER JENZ HEM TITAN or CRUSHER V2.0
Rockinger- hitch for trailers
4 hydraulic outriggers for balance and high stability in combination with semi-trailer
Optical display supplement in the cockpit
STVo- for approval in the test phase div. Warning and round lights were installed
2nd harvester head for birch is optically carried on the extended table.
……. * easy to test and much more …. * for he is a Prototype!

CONTROL (will not be displayed on the Game)

Support Extend: ALT (left) + KEYPAD key 9

Rotating light: Press “Pos1”

Harvester head turn “button B”

Saws: Press the “X”

etc …


2. Inching



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12 thoughts on “Ponsse csal 6WD v 2.0 [MP]

    1. Its called the “CRUSHER JENZ HEM TITAN” (it says under “Prototype of functions:”) (i’m going to post this to everyone asking)

  1. Bonjour , le broyeur qui s’attache derrière la réponse n’est pas dans la boutique quelqu’un aurais la solution ?

    Hello, the mill that attaches behind the answer is not in the shop someone would the solution?
    thank you ?

  2. I have the Crusher Jenz and it works well with 30,000 liter trailer built into it. This sure beats having to drive around trailer to load your woodchipps

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