Ponsse Buffalo Hack Schnitzler v 1.1 [MP]

Ponsse Buffalo Hack Schnitzler

Ponsse Buffalo Hack Schnitzler

Hi guys,

Here I point you changed my Ponsse available, thanks to the great modder Snowcraft97.

Brand: Ponsee

Type: Buffalo

Structure: Schnitzler Jenz Hack

Power: 552 hp

Cost: 180000

It was the standard script retained only the stakes were continued, and the Jenz chopper has taken place on the truck bed.

The collection has been improved, and it was a kind of bunker chips installed.

That means you can, if you can not reach with tractor, with the Buffalo Shredding and dan him the trailer empty as in Drescher.



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19 thoughts on “Ponsse Buffalo Hack Schnitzler v 1.1 [MP]

  1. ha ha ha ha aaaah , now the modder is in his joke mode ….

    I do not like the buffalo, I work slower in a buffalo then in a tractor with fork lift.

    I want a modder to make a huge bulding with ramps and a huge HOLE … where you can dump everything and in the other end magically appear shopped wood.

    a BIG hole that will swallow 10 meter long trunks.

  2. BY FAR THE BEST CHIPPER YET!!!! I can cut down a tree, strip the limbs.. drop the base of the tree on the belt.. and it feeds the entire tree in.. the chipper also has a storage capacity of 49000L, which allows you to chip a trip, without being right next to the tipper. and absolute must if you want to get into forestry.

  3. 5 stars. Simple as that.
    No doubt about this is the best wood chipper mod theres made for FS15 so far!
    I just made 300.000kg woodchips in less than 20 minutes!
    Its awesome, and i love the build-in storage, so when the trailer is full,
    it just continues treshing the tree..

    PERFECT! 😀

  4. A few points….
    1, the camera view is all screwed. Look straight down and it veers to the side.
    2, The outer arm axis is reversed.
    3, Thickest logs dont always chip. They sit on the belt idle.

    Fix that stuff and I will support this mod.

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