Pickup HeavyDuty

Pickup HeavyDuty

Pickup HeavyDuty

Pickup HeavyDuty

This is a Ford Pickup Truck fully equipped
By Reaper9111

– Tire track matches tire thread
– Removable beacon
– Big offset tires
– Choose color
– Attach all type of trailers



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17 thoughts on “Pickup HeavyDuty

    1. Make ur own mods? Why u spending time downloading others, if u are that much better urself? 🙂

      Reaper9111 is one of the best Modders for FS15!

      But yea, also i rather drive a Dodge than Ford tho 😀

  1. you do realize that RAM is a mopar company right? as is dodge? that’s why they are called the DODGE RAM. Also putting a ford logo on the grille doesn’t make it a ford. especially when the body and interior are nothing like a ford in any resemblance.

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