Peterbilt 379 Daycab v 2.0

Peterbilt 379 Daycab

Peterbilt 379 Daycab

Peterbilt 379 Daycab

Two versions: with conventional and off-road wheels. Speed 98 km / h. Lighting, working instrument panel, color choice when buying, dust from the wheels, leaves traces. Washable.



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7 thoughts on “Peterbilt 379 Daycab v 2.0

  1. You do realize you STILL can’t turn when hooked to THAT trailer in that picture right?
    The trailer does NOT pivot on the fifth wheel correctly..Fix this and you have a winner..

  2. Would be very interested in this mod it it had a front attacher for towing. Gets hung up in the silage bunker and can’t hook onto the front of it to pull it through.

  3. Yeah the pivot is kind of tight, it does work for me, but it takes a lot for the trailer to turn with my truck. Also the horn needs to be the replaced with the hornBig.wav.

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