People Holm v 1.5

People Holm

People Holm

People Holm

People Holm

People Holm

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H ere I offer my map people Holm.

As the name suggests, is a converted Bjorn Holm Map.

What was done:

The cows are now at the court.

The sheep are now grazing in sight of the farm on.

The farm was changed slightly.

PDA was adjusted.

That’s it.

The log is clean!

I wish you lots of fun.


1LS12: Unterstand
Marhu: Watermod, Milchtrigger. Mapsiloband
Pisty: Rampe
Mariodiek: Förderband Holzschnitzel, Lagerhalle
webalizer_ls: ChoppedStraw
ZeFir_POLAND: Bodentextur
Eribus: Forgotten Plants Landscape Texture V1.0
Leos50: Förderbänder
Marhu u. Mannie313: Mastanlagen GMK Mod
Jess: Kalksilo
Fendtfan1: Kartoffellager
Zatoxx: Gülleverkauf

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19 thoughts on “People Holm v 1.5

  1. This a very good map, but with exceptions
    1. no quantities for straw, grass, silage, and chaff, silos in the PDA
    2. no PDA statistics for pigs and beef
    3. pricing for pigs and beef is bad. You pay $1200.00 per beef and $900.00 per pig and can only sell for approx. $300.00. In Texas,USA we easily get well over $2000.00 per beef. We buy Beef calves for under $1200.00 at the stockyards all day. I tried to go into the map program and make these changes, but I don’t know how. Changing equipment prices, load quantities, and fuel capacity yes, but not this. I saw another map that had the beef and pigs in the PDA and was very nice. Again your map is nice. Your map is what I mainly play. Please make these changes
    Thank You and God Bless

  2. Also I can’t sell mu slurry at the Garden Center. I haven’t tried to sell manure there yet. I did add a mod to your map to make the Biogas Plant show the money that is being on producing electricity. It works beautifully with your map. Thanks for beets and potatoes silo you install in the Biogas yard. They work right into this mod addition. Please check the mod out.

  3. I’ve noticed on other mod sites there is a updated version of this map People Holm 1.6.3 but they are in a rar file. Are you able to convert the updated version of this map in a zip file on this site? By far this is my favorite 2015 map but I’m having issues with the pigs and calves. Thanks

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