Measuring Tape v 2.0

Measuring Tape v 2.0

Measuring Tape v 2.0

Measuring Tape v 2.0

+ ConfigXML in mod folder: Change color, and toggle gui-elements
+ select between three units of measurement (m / ft / yd) – Idea and own version for FS19 from kenny456
+ keybinds can be configured by the user ingame
* bugfix in the calculation (y-axis) – thanks to WX for the notice

Short description:
Measure what you want!

How does it work?
Go to the starting point and press ALT + right click. Now the starting point is set and the distance display (in the middle below) appears on your display. Now go to the end point of your measurement. The distance between you and the starting point is constantly displayed. Also height differences are taken into account.

How does this help me?
Well, you could measure your yard. Or do meaningful ways to crop trees to the right length after felling;)



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