Old Russian tractors v 1.3 [MP]

Old Russian tractors

Old Russian tractors

Old Russian tractors


– Basic script FS15
– Raba Steiger 250 (IC Orcs Mode)
– IFA W50 (IC)
– MTZ 80/82/82 OLD (IC)

*** V1.3 ***
– Fixed shine
– Added: 80/82/82 OLD MTZ, Raba Steiger 250/250 dual wheels, green and gray Pack IFA HW 80, HW 80.11, Condor Plough Rabe Werk



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8 thoughts on “Old Russian tractors v 1.3 [MP]

  1. good one, I like the pack but the trailers hold too much and what about log trailers? and how about having the trailers accepting wood chips

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