Nordfrieland v 1.0 [MP]







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We hereby introduce you to our first map, this map is modeled our homeland North Frisia.

The forest area on the map must be planted itself.

Most fields are pre-ordered with the standart fruits.

It offers you a flat landscape as it looks directly behind the dike with us.

Pig was installed and ChoppedStraw (the ChoppedStraw mod can müst even download and copy it to the mods folder)

The milk must be loaded on the cattle barn and go to the dairy itself in Makierung.

Were installed, among other things:

Slurry manure sale
Food storage


Marhu / DT Master

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18 thoughts on “Nordfrieland v 1.0 [MP]

  1. bonsoir,bien la map mais ou sont les moutons?? j’ai cherché mais pas moyen de les trouver le woolpalletcollector ok mais ou et l’étable des moutons j’en ai acheté mais ou sont ils, donc comment les nourrir alors.

  2. ben ça y est j’ai trouvé les montons, en bas de la carte sur la mer(prés-salés)lol
    autre problème pas moyen de remplir les machines avec les points de ravitaillement en engrais??

  3. Hey jd4430 do you own a 4430 if so what year I Have 2 4440s one is 1980 and the other is a 1979. the ’80 is a hfwd is does tillage. the ’79 does the bean pulling and palanting. We also have a 4955 with mfwd is does tillage alongside our ’80 4440.

  4. encore un bog dans cette map, pas moyen d’avoir les arbrisseaux pour les planter?? on les achetent A LA BOUTIQUE on doit les retirer à la jardinerie? ET BEN RIEN.? en faite je crois qu’elle n’est pas terminé cette carte.

  5. I have a 78′ 4430 with a 532ci motor putting out just under 1000hp
    It’s bin built for tractor pulling

    We also have a 63′ 4010 and 65′ 4020 both custom built just for pulling
    My two kids run a 110 and 112 in the garden tractor pulls

  6. thanks.. im tired of all the UK AND EUROPE style maps. kinda annoying being a american farmer and then wanna play a game and find garden size fields.

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