Nine Field Map v 15.0.1

Nine Field Map

Nine Field Map

Nine Field Map

Nine Field Map

Nine Field Map

Nine Field Map

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(I hate descriptions)

Fields: 9
Start Vehicles: yes
Missions: yes
Trains: yes
Transport: yes
Pedestrian: yes
Standard functions: yes
Kuhweide: yes
Schafweide: yes
Chickens: yes
BGA: yes
Sawmill: yes
3D trees: 1500
Growth times: standart

Key selling points:

– Agravis
– Net
– DB Schenker
In addition to points of sale:
– Horseback riding (straw purchases)
– KBH (buys manure)
– DB Schenker (sold lime, Kalklager on the farm)
– Fish farming takes corn and gives it after waiting fish out which one sold
– Flour mill takes wheat and flour are based on waiting time, to sell
(Mod beiligend)

In addition, used in construction:

Slurry manure-lime-Mod
chopped straw Mod
Outlets with opening times !!!
Food storage on the farm

Recommended Mod’s:

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13 thoughts on “Nine Field Map v 15.0.1

  1. Thanks to the author for the card !!! Map beautiful, everything works and fish and flour, then in short everything works fine. The card is not for the faint of computers.

  2. salut a tous et a toute c est franchement domage que je n ai pas fs 15 je suis trop dégoute de ne pas l avoir mais sinon super mods pour fs 15

  3. Bonjour,
    Super Map, je me régale, sauf problème, on ne peut récupérer les cochons et pas moyen de trouver un trailer qui rentre dans l’étable. Ensuite, j’aurais aimé récupérer du lait, qui n’est pas possible, dommage. Autrement bravo…

  4. Bonjour, je ne joue qu’avec votre map, si vous pouvez rectifier les demandes précédantes, merci beaucoup…

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