Motor mower BCS 127 v 0.8 Beta [MP]

Motor mower BCS 127

Motor mower BCS 127

Motor mower BCS 127

I hereby present to you the power mower BCS 127 for Farming Simulator 2015.


6 hp
Working width: 1.20 m
Tank volume: 7 liters
Price in the game: € 850
Maintenance costs in the game: 27 €

The mod has already been published in LS13 by Blazek Modding from Slovenia and I have the mod now with the permission of Blazek personally converted. The motor mower itself is not just one of the latest available on the market. The motor mower has a working width of 1.20 meters and you can take it if you have patience and mowing large areas. Such machines have been devised to work more easily in the mountains around. The steering system has been so made ??as it is in this machine in reality. In this real motor mower is “pulled around” by hand, so rotated. The steering was so so made ??as you would turn in his game, the BCS 127 myself. More specifically, the mod is not easy to apply. The machine is for advanced users. The fuel consumption is very minimal because this motor mower has only a tank volume of a few liters. I wish you a lot of fun un a good success with the BCS 127 of modding Blazek from Slovenia.


Blazek Modding

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