Mixing station v 3.0.0 [MP]

Mixing station

Mixing station

Mixing station

Mixing station

Original link [Uploaded.net]

With the mixing station can be just as prepared as a feed mixer, feed for the cows.
But in larger quantities because they can be filled with full trailer loads.
The three storage silos shall be filled with silage, hay u. Straw (depending 50t) then per hour produces 10t compound feed to the mixing tank is full, this summarizes 100t compound feed, which can be picked up with a trailer and fed to the cows.
The silos have 3 analog level indicators, in addition the exact levels will be displayed in the control cabinet in the help text.

The signal lamp shows:

Flashing red = a silo is empty
Flashing amber = mixing tank full
Green = all right (it is produced)
So you do not have to constantly go to the control, there is a message system in the manner of a “live ticker”
displaying messages on the top of the screen.

To remove of compound feed a matching trailer is needed, which can load forage.

Since Marhu has unfortunately given up, but released his mods
there is his mixing station here. Thanks for all the great mods Marhu.



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26 thoughts on “Mixing station v 3.0.0 [MP]

  1. This mixing station is really awesone !

    This is a very good ideas !

    The price is maybe low compared to the vehicle.
    I real life, i think it’s more expensive ­čśë

    1. i always has a problem with the mixing station,
      everything is full 100% en is mixed and the light is orange but not green?!
      What can i do???

    1. Yes that’s normal. The actual amount of straw used in mixed rations is minimal but the grass and silage should go down in equal amounts or fairly close.

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