Milk barrel v 1.0 [MP]




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For those who want to leave your milk produced themselves, here a single-axis milk barrel.

Loading capacity: 10,000 liters, not washable!

The following requirement for the operation of Mich barrel must be met:

If your map on the trigger myself Truck not be installed, you can alternatively the MilkTruckTrigger placeable v2.0.1 Marhu of use.

MilkTruckTrigger placeable v2.0.1

(One of two things must exist, otherwise the transport of milk does not work!

So that the milk is not sold at night, I recommend the following mod from Marhu: StopMilkSale V2.0.0

StopMilkSale V2.0.0

Both easy to add the mods folder, done.

I request the following information for mod points to note:

Driving too fast through the corners, with full milk barrel 35 Km / h breaks the camel’s depending on the radius of the curve already try.

The log is clean, along with other mods folder.


Modell und Textur: ElCid
Ingame: Festus
Michtransport: Marhu

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