Michelin XHA2 v 1.0 [SP]


Tire change is a life-sustaining measure and one should not give too little attention to him.

Giants had already times tire of this type on the Liebherr. That was at the beginning of the development of LS15.Und somehow I had always been a little disturbed with the arable tires. Looking for other tires and ask around much to me a moral offer was then made ??quite unexpectedly. This is a big thanks to En? Ebulj? Ek.
The Rar file simply Acken entp, adjust the folder in the zip of the mods and in the XML only the path. Some vehicles still have to be installed manually in GE. And so wish En? Ebulj? Ek, SkyRealistic and Appaloosa you now have fun with the new tires.


En ?ebulj?ek

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