Oregon Springs V 1.1 [MP]

Oregon Springs V 1.1

Oregon Springs V 1.1

Oregon Springs V 1.1

Oregon Springs V 1.1

Oregon Springs V 1.1

Welcome in Oregeon Springs, this is my first map in American style.

Ik have created the base of the map with Google Earth and DEM data, i used the height differences and the fields voor the base of the map.

After this is created i started building the map i changed some of the field allong the way.

I want to convert the map to Farming Simulator 17th

What can you find in the map:

Cow farm

Sheep farm

Chicken farm

Pigs and calvs farm


Vehicle shop


Wooden plank factory



Pete’s diner, selling point

Blue Line Feeds selling point,

US Grains selling point,

Train station selling point,

Butcher to sell your pigs and calvs

32 field, from 1 to 15 acres!


Wheat, Barely, Canola, Corn, Potatoes, Sugar beets,

Required mods Mods:




Fliegl Livestock Pack

Kotte Universal Pack


Map By: Richard / NLD Farmers

Objects, Buildings, Scripts and Textures: Blobbyfarmer, Danjelmc, Fatian, martinbigM500, Seriousmods, seba j, lacampagnevallonnée, Steffen30muc, FSModding, itisntworking, ThompsonM06, JohnDeere1952, Sivy, Kramarj, Lindbejb, itisntworking, srsmds, Juul, VertexDesign, Blacksheep, DaGoasseLP.

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