Map Beskidy Poland is a full-size map reflect Beskidzki landscape with scenic mountains. The composition of the board consists of one city and four villages. In every village there is a fully functional farm about the economic profile.

What does the map:

1. animals – chickens, sheep, cows, pigs and calves animated
2.Uprawy basic plus oats. Growing with prolonged growth for the period from sowing more than 30 days to uschni? Cia. Thanks to the extended rise time of the game is more real, and forces us to the number of fields and more shooting on the field to enlarge.
acquire 3 points – hotel, hostel, riding, sugar mill, shelter, Lidl, train station, store, garden and agricultural Edelweiss, dairy products, sawmill, slaughterhouse, agriculture.
4. Business Machines Claas mining and lime with the opportunity to purchase lime.
5. Most of the points has limited hours. No possibility of entry and exit from the point, after closing – the gate time
6. Purchase field: to buy more than 140 parcels – to start 3 fields. Fields of different sizes from small to large, and in addition most of the fields, they can be combined into larger machines to convert.
7. Hold four and they have bought STEFY dates for buildings in the game. It is also the fifth farm without the production function, but with the function of something along the lines of the former agricultural circles support.

content map

Mod lime manure and slurry. Mod water
Mod chaff. Mod mud
Fly aircraft to take the train. No traffic, pedestrians and milkmaid.
Many models composing beautiful card and appropriate air game.
There are several rivers, lakes and ponds, from which you can retrieve water for the cattle on the map. There is also a drinking water supply.
Street lighting, traffic signs and information boards. Interesting and well-developed road system and its paved roads, real wet roads and many other things that are not listed here.

Required Mode:

AnimationMapTrigger, GuelleMistMod, Terrain_And_Dirt_Control, ZZZ_ChoppedStraw, ZZZ_multiFruit, ZZZ_multiFruitModule_Extended, ZZZ_multiFruitModule_Standard and trailers seeds aaa_ROS_Brantner

Thanks for the membrane for konwert cards and Turbo mods.


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  1. el mejor mods mapa que e visto asta hora estoy sorprendido me gusta ojala lo pueda tener yo pero como ago??? lo felicito al creador de este mapa excelente….

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