Atrox Map v 1.0 Final [SP]

Atrox Map

Atrox Map

Atrox Map

Atrox Map

Atrox Map

Today I imagine yourselves before the ATROX v1 and of course to download. I will not say much about it because every map the basic principle is the same. For questions or problems you please turn to me or to Hotti, but also to any changes which may be taken into the vieeeeleicht v2 with, but that is still in the stars. First of all must be seen as arrives the Map.

Installed are: Mix Feeder, WasserMod, RepairMod, GMMod, pigs and cattle fattening, garden centers, Ostzucker, Borde Gold Mill, 2 cattle dealer and a BGA. The map consists of the large fields, a vast forest and a little that must be bought in order to manage them more, besides the meadows are also purchasable. It was created as many little gimmicks that the overall look round a road network. Certainly I have some forgotten, but we are LSER not stupid and have nen head to think and if not then just ask and we will help.

We tested the card on functionality and a few times changed, certainly can still nen errors be contained, I apologize ….. it will be resolved in v2 ….. the ATROX is a longer project, it arrives with you.

Required Mods:

Mix Feeder V 2.01





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