MAN TGS Mobilhacker v 1.0

MAN TGS Mobilhacke

MAN TGS Mobilhacke

MAN TGS Mobilhacke

Мод “MAN TGS Mobilhacker v1.0” для Farming Simulator 2015 – Измельчитель древесины на базе грузовика MAN TGS 18440. Мощность: 440 л/c, скорость: 79 км/ч. Зеркала, прицепное устройство, выбор цвета при покупке. Анимация приборной панели, барабана, опор и конвейера. Светотехника, маячки, колесная пыль, дорожные следы, моющийся.


Turbofreak, TSL

4.8/5 - (110 votes)

19 thoughts on “MAN TGS Mobilhacker v 1.0

  1. Great MOD thanks 🙂

    2 Thins… how ever..

    1. It could need a handbrake or so.. it slides down on sloops-
    2. I liked a bigger reciver area for the branches :))

    But else great and a favorite.

  2. Its a great useful mod overall, however ive had trouble with lights on it, there always seems to be a light on at the back somewhere and i cant turn it off

  3. @Bert
    Sliding vehicles is an issue (bug) with Giants’ physic game engine, and not a problem with mods. They are aware of it but have yet to release a fix for it.
    Some say using Courseplay fixes it, but that’s just a temporary solution. If you don’t use Courseplay then you are stuck with the sliding. (like me, I don’t use Courseplay hehe).

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