LS15 soil and fruit textures v 1.0 [SP]

LS15 soil and fruit textures

LS15 soil and fruit textures

LS15 soil and fruit textures

The mod adds a new soil (plow / cultivator / seed) and new textures fruit (corn / canola / wheat / barley) at harvest maturity.


Oilseed rape crop in the state is yellow, the stage is in front of the white

Install: (Please install prior to getting a copy of the original data do !!!)


-the unzip rar file and the data folder copy / paste / to c / programmex86 / Agricultural Simulator 2015



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11 thoughts on “LS15 soil and fruit textures v 1.0 [SP]

    1. Copy the original textures of that item in the texture folder in case something happens or you want the old textures back. Then after you do that yucca. Place the textures in the map/foliage/textures. (I think that’s the directory path, I’m on my phone)
      And by the way it’s copy not “copey” 🙂
      Have a nice day/night

      1. dos it work for you cuz I only got the wheat textures and not the ground textures sorry for my spilling I have spicel needs and I love this texture pack if it works for you the mor power to ya

  1. ok I just downloaded the foliage and textures and I have them on my desk top now where do I put them do I put them in the maps folder ro do I have to take all of the content out of the folder and put it in that way cuz I tried all was and it wont work for me so I need help cuz I love textures packs and I want to have this in my map so if you can help me where to put them I will be happy 🙁

  2. When this is downloaded, does it replace the harvesting animation as in the corn harvesting with the header or the wheat being brought into the harvester by the draper?

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