Lizard Pickup Truck v 2.0

Lizard Pickup Truck

Lizard Pickup Truck

Lizard Pickup Truck

Hope you enjoy the Lizard Remake!!!


Giants – original truck
BEN_32 – Remake

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4 thoughts on “Lizard Pickup Truck v 2.0

  1. like it but it needs to have weight in front and a gooseneck hitch in bed, and louder exhaust but if that would happen it would make it even better

  2. Exactly how it should have been in the first place. No farmer is buying a pickup with those stupid wheels and tires on it the in game on had. I think the exhaust is perfect, I hate all the ridiculous diesel sounds and exhausts that are put on pickups in this game. A fifth wheel hitch in the bed would however be awesome for the new PJ that was just released on American Eagles.

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